Helping You

Perform at a Higher Level

Helping You

Prevent Injury

Helping You

Return to Your Game



Utilizing tools and techniques to efficiently restore movement patterns.


Teaching the client the process of movements and how to move functionally.


Emphasizing those relearned movements with strength and power development.

We're Always Focusing

Between the Lines

We truly know what it’s like to compete “Between the Lines”.  This gives us a unique perspective on what physical therapy means to the patient, and more importantly, how we, as a team, can deliver effective treatments and therapies to get you back in your game.  Trust our team to help get you back in peak performance today.


Take Your Game to the Next Level

Improving your performance through core fundamentals of strength, mobility, reaction time and much more.

Preventative Care

Utilize PT for Your Wellness Routine.

Providing exercise education in order to identify potential problems.  Then work to improve mobility and strength and better assess movements.

Physical Therapy

Recover & Return to Your Game

We offer a broad range of Physical Therapy services ranging from pre and post operation rehabilitation to dry needling and so much more.


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Physical Therapist Denver CO
David Bruton

Get Efficient and Fast Smart

Work hard.  Play hard.  Naturally you want to enjoy your life and level up your performance.  Putting recovery first as a preventive strategy with bio-individual

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Low Back Pain
David Bruton

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common occurrence in the United States, with an 75-85% incidence during any point of someone’s life.  Low back pain can be

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