Helping You

Perform at a Higher Level

Helping You

Prevent Injury

Helping You

Return to Your Game



Utilizing tools and techniques to efficiently restore movement patterns.


Teaching the client the process of movements and how to move functionally.


Emphasizing those relearned movements with strength and power development.

We're Always Focusing

Between the Lines

We truly know what it’s like to compete “Between the Lines”.  This gives us a unique perspective on what physical therapy means to the patient, and more importantly, how we, as a team, can deliver effective treatments and therapies to get you back in your game.  Trust our team to help get you back in peak performance today.


Take Your Game to the Next Level

Improving your performance through core fundamentals of strength, mobility, reaction time and much more.

Preventative Care

Utilize PT for Your Wellness Routine.

Providing exercise education in order to identify potential problems.  Then work to improve mobility and strength and better assess movements.

Physical Therapy

Recover & Return to Your Game

We offer a broad range of Physical Therapy services ranging from pre and post operation rehabilitation to dry needling and so much more.

Patient Testimonials

Derek Wolfe
Since I started working with David, I’ve made incredible progress after two hip surgeries in one year.  I believe his experience as a professional athlete gives him a huge advantage as far as what an athletes body is going through on a day to day basis.

Derek Wolfe

10yr NFL Vet & Super Bowl 50 Champion

I traveled 60+ miles to have David Bruton Jr., PT, DPT treat my daughter for a sports injury that happened during a track meet.  David was so amazing, he explained everything to us before, during and after treatment.  He made sure to treat her injury as well as why the injury happened.  He showed my daughter how to condition her muscles to help prevent another injury.  Every session after was the same.  He always made sure she was comfortable and understood everything.  If anyone in my family ever needs PT again I will not mind driving 60+ miles.


David cured my headache and tight upper back muscles in one session of dry needling with electrical stimulation.  I have been dealing with this pain for the past three months and woke up this morning with no pain!  Not to mention, I am terrified of needles and did not feel a single thing when David performed dry needling on me.  He is very efficient and good at what he does!  I highly recommend David for quick pain relief and as a physical therapist.  He knows what he is doing and loves to educate during his sessions.


It’s been a lot of fun working with David, ever since my first session I always feel my body getting better when I go and see him.  Having him has been a blessing while starting my professional career.


I started seeing David back in May with hip issues/pain, he fixed me up within 5 sessions with one per week. He definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to physical therapy and I would no doubt recommend that you go to him with any of your physical therapy needs! He’s an honest and genuine guy that will work with you to get you back out there and performing!


Our teenage daughter has been seeing Dr. David for various sport- related injuries over the past year. He is an extremely knowledgeable and caring individual, but what sets him apart from other physical therapists is his passion to help his patients recover so they can regain their confidence and achieve their goals. David’s choice of treatments and preventative measures have helped our daughter become a better athlete. He is a true professional and we’re thankful to have found him.

Patti H.