david bruton

Dr. David Bruton, Jr.

Physical Therapist / Co-Owner

Dr. David Bruton Jr. is a former athlete turned physical therapist, who graduated from the University of Colorado in 2021.  David is the founder of Bruton’s Books, a childhood literacy foundation, and Between the Lines Physical Therapy.  David was a former safety for the Denver Broncos for 7 years, and 1 year with the Washington Football Team.  During his tenure with the Broncos he was a captain for 3 years and won Super Bowl 50. 

After retirement, David followed his heart towards a lifelong passion for the profession of physical therapy  and having a collaborative relationship with patients to help them return to their prior level of function and beyond.  David’s passion for providing great healthcare was ignited as a youth playing sports, where his PT’s throughout every stage of his playing career, helped him achieve and return to a high level of play.  That love was continuously reinforced throughout physical therapists throughout college and professionally.  Dr. Bruton Jr. has been dedicated in educating himself in order to provide the best patient care through multiple certifications and seeking further learning opportunities. He is also an active member of the Scholarship Endowment Board at CU and is Co-president of the CU PT Alumni Association.

 Aside from his love of PT, David loves his wife and kids, cycling, working out, board games, snowboarding, and giving back to the community.