Dr. Nguyen is hands down the best PT I’ve ever had. I’ve used multiple providers across several years for a neck issue I’ve had, and not only was I able to recover 3x faster, I no longer have pain for the first time in years. She is also very responsive and thoughtful when I talk about all the issues I’ve had, and she also explains not just what to do but why. She also gave really great recommendations on how to prevent my issue from popping up again. Thanks for everything Linda!


Working with Linda over the last 3 months has been fantastic. I visited for help dealing with my PF, but got much more than I expected. Not only is my PF gone, but my hip flexors and ankles are stronger than they’ve ever been and I’m back to running and walking 18 holes without pain! Linda is friendly and personable, super knowledgeable about the entire body, will help you better understand your body, and is now certified in dry needling! I highly recommend working with Linda for whatever ails you!!


Dr. Linda Nguyen was so informative and caring. I have had debilitating back pain for years and she was quickly able to assess my pain and determine the root cause. I learned so much valuable information that I will be able to keep with me for years to help prevent future injuries. I will be returning to this facility and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has felt stuck.


I’ve been to physical therapy in the traditional sense where a doctor refers you to one through insurance. Back then, it was for fiery back pain. I always felt like I was thrown to any young med student to babysit me before the therapist could actually see me, at which point, I was only given about 10 minutes of their time, and was juggled between other clients. However, with Dr. Linda Nguyen, it’s a completely different experience; I pay for the therapist’s time, attention, expertise, and advise. I’m her only client for the specified time period, and receive her full attention and knowledge. She explains what I’m doing and why, helping me truly understand the why behind the how. I’ve got a fully torn ACL, 2 tears on my meniscus, a bone bruise, and 2 loose ligaments due to a great ski accident. Due to my funny walking, my fiery back pain from the year prior returned with this injury. In just one week of visiting Dr. Linda, sticking to the exercises she prescribed along with icing daily, the fiery back pain I developed was gone, my knee is able to straighten, and my walk isn’t as wobbly. I know I’ll be in great hands post-op, thanks Dr. Linda!